Thomas D’havé

Dear Football Player,

How simple can it be to introduce myself, when osteopathy is both my profession and my passion?  And more: being able to bring this passion into football has been bringing me sheer delight since day one.

My challenge is to use osteopathic diagnosis, time and again, to better understand the situation of the player. My strengths are in the fact that I trace weaknesses, which sometimes have been lingering for years, obliging one to compensate and eventually leading to persistent strains and injuries.

I sincerely believe that early diagnosis and treatment are key to any player wanting to forego future serious injuries and improve on performance.

As an osteopathic practitioner I believe in a holistic approach.  This means that every part in the human body plays as important a role as all the others.  When one part fails, the entire machinery falters. You might possess the most powerful of engines, but not having brakes will give you the shivers at the first bend.

My goal is to help you become stronger tomorrow than yesterday, and your body more resilient than ever before. This is where I contribute to your success and your immense desire to win. This is where I make the difference. Your difference.